Thursday, March 30, 2006

"Cherry Blossoms... too Cold!"

I'm always happy to see the cherry blossoms come out as an early flag of approaching spring, in spite of their often luring me out to see them at night when it's still quite cold - leading me to catch cold under the flowers, street lights and stars....

So, I'm intending to limit the time I spend out in the cold night air this year and just enjoy the glimpses of them I catch from train windows and some other areas I regularly go to anyway.  One example being Akihabara, which is not exactly renown for cherry blossoms, but there are a few nice trees near Ochanomizu Station and they actually look better in a way than the places where there are large numbers of them.

....... as I typed the ending of the paragraph above, I had a flashback to one of the most popular places for them in Tokyo, near one of the moats of the Imperial Palace... uh-oh... I might end up going there after all.  Or maybe not... I've already got a little bit of a cold and so I better take care of my health first and not go out and freeze myself into worse condition.

Well... time will tell!

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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