Saturday, March 25, 2006

"Mexico & 21st Century JW-Bipeds"

The cherry blossoms are just coming out in Tokyo, but it's still a bit cold (which is usual - by the time the weather is actually warm, the cherry blossoms are gone), so I was sitting in my semi-warm apartment in my inside-use-only down coat when I received an e-mail from Mexico from a US e-pal living in California (who used to live in Tokyo) in response to an e-mail I had sent....

LHS: "I've forgotten exactly when you said you'd be visiting Tokyo, but it's soon isn't it?  I remember you said you would be staying in Daikanyama and I happened to be there yesterday.  Very nice scenery, if you know what I mean - JW-Bipeds here spend so much time and money on their appearance, and several of the places that help out (for a hefty fee) are around Daikanyama Station.  The passing bipeds I saw last night were quite easy on the eyes...."

SCJ: "I am in Mexico now and have been travelling to other Carib islands... wow, I am so disoriented, but in a good way.  I was just smoking cigars on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the water was warm, the beer was cold ... and no kidding, it was nice.
     I am going to try to go to Japan in a couple of months if I can, but I might have to sacrifice that trip for this one. If only I could travel all of the time ... heh heh.
     Glad to hear you were able to enjoy Daikanyama.  I would trade this beach for Tokyo in a microsecond... but for many reasons, I just can't be in Tokyo long term right now.  Uhhhgg.
     On a brighter note, I just witnessed the best live jazz jam session ever ... simply incredible."

LHS: "That warm water and warm weather does sound quite nice!  My housemates are strangely happy with no heat in the winter - if I attempt to warm up the apartment in the dead of winter beyond about 15 degrees (Celsius), one of them complains about the "heat" and throws open the balcony doors.  I survive the winter by wearing a down coat inside all the time - it's the only way to prevent falling ill from the cold.  I think my housemates have antifreeze for blood or something... good thing there are down coats, or I'd bloody well freeze!
     Anyway... the weather is beginning to warm up and - at the moment - everyone is out, so with thoughts of warm Mexico dancing in my mind, I cranked up the heat to 27 degrees and am happily sitting here with no down coat on!  Warm weather never comes soon enough for me and right about this time of year I think 'Whew... I've somehow managed to survive another long and unpleasant winter!'.  There's something very stressful about working on the computer through the winter months with frost-bitten fingers....
     Daikanyama... yes, the scenery there is mesmerizing....  In a similar way, I was on the Yamanote Line on Thursday, going from Akihabara to Shibuya (I should have taken the Ginza Line, but it's more pleasant riding above ground) when one of those moments that stay with you forever happened.  I was sitting in a corner seat at the end of a train car when I looked across and saw a stunningly beautiful JW-Biped sitting there - our eyes meet for a second and then I looked out the window behind her and saw the evening sky over the rail yards of Shinagawa as we zoomed towards the station....  Earlier in Akihabara, I had looked up from the street to see a train coming into the station - and the sides of all the cars were perfectly straight without even a hint of any rocking.  At this point, they've gotten the rails into the kind of condition you would expect in a precision watch... and something of that same feeling came back to me as I looked again at the 21st century woman and the 21st century scene in and outside the train as it glided smoothly and speedily into the station.  From there, a crowd got on - blocking out the view of the other side of the train, the view out the window, and cutting off the never-to-be-forgotten memory video clip.
     Good music, good weather, warm ocean, cold beer, stunning scenery... what we're alive for my friend!"


Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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