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"Isomichi Kazuhisa - Live in Nakano, Trains, and Hot-August-Day Shinjuku"

Opening with a nice song by Isomichi Kazuhisa (礒道和久), which was his last song for the evening at his street performance in Nakano on August 27th.  Next is a stroll down Takeshita-Dori in Harajuku (taken earlier the same day), then a train window view and a stroll through all ten cars of a 20000-Series Seibu train on the way to Shinjuku.

Skipping past time spent in Shinjuku (which we come back to later), I ride a Chuo Line train to Nakano, and then skipping past time spent in Nakano, I ride a Chuo Line train back to Shinjuku, and then (suddenly) I'm on a Yamanote Line train going from Yurakucho to Tokyo.

Then - jumping back in time on that same Friday, August 27th, 2010, I watch a 30000-Series train arrive at Ogawa, and then - suddenly - I'm in Shinjuku walking around - which continues through a few clips in chronological order, ending in the last clip of the bunch, which was taken as I entered Shinjuku Station from the South Entrance and got on a Yamanote Line train.

"Isomichi Kazuhisa (礒道和久) - Live in Nakano - August 27th, 2010" (100827-2157)

Isomichi Kazuhisa (礒道和久), playing his last song of the evening in front of Nakano Station. - August 27th, 2010

礒道和久 - 中野駅前で、ストリートライブ

Harajuku Takeshita-Dori Stroll (100827-1413)

Strolling down Takeshita-Dori on August 27th, 2010.


"Ogawa to Hagiyama - Right Side (Construction)" (100827-1221)

Looking out a right-side window of a Seibu Line train as it rolls from Ogawa Station to Hagiyama Station.

小川駅から萩山駅まで - 工事とか

"Takadanobaba to Seibu-Shinjuku Walk-Through on 20000 Series Train" (100827-1252)

Beginning at Takadanobaba Station - beginning in the last car, and walking  all the way through the 20000-series train as it rolls to Shinjuku.


"Shinjuku to Nakano on the Chuo Line (Right Side)" (100827-1617)

Looking out a right-side window of a Chuo Line train as it rolls from Shinjuku to Nakano.


"Nakano to Shinjuku - Night Train Reflections" (100827-2232)

Looking out into the night - and at the internal reflections in the window - on a late-night train from Nakano to Shinjuku.


"Yurakucho to Tokyo - Late Night Yamanote Line" (100827-2306)

Riding a late-night Yamanote Line train from Yurakucho to Tokyo.


"30000-Series Seibu Train at Ogawa Station" (100827Fr-1220)

Watching a 30000-series Seibu train arrive at Ogawa Station.  This is the newest type of Seibu Train (as of August 2010 in any case).

30000型シリーズ西武線の電車が小川駅に遣って来る  東京

"Inside 30000 Series - Arriving at Kodaira Station" (100827Fr-1226)

Inside view of a 30000-Series Seibu Line train as it arrives at Kodaira Station.

30000型シリーズ西武線の電車が小平駅に到着  東京

"Noontime August Shinjuku" (100827Fr-1258)

Walking around near Seibu-Shinjuku Station on a hot August day just before 1:00 p.m.

八月厚い昼の新宿  東京

"Noontime Shinjuku - Heading Towards Shinjuku Station" (100827Fr_1259)

Walking towards Shinjuku Station on a hot August day in the year 2010.

八月厚い昼の新宿 - 新宿駅に向かう  東京

"Nearing East Entrance to Shinjuku Station in August" (100827Fr-1302)

Nearing the east entrance to Shinjuku Station on a rather hot August day.

八月厚い昼の新宿 - 新宿駅に近づく  東京

"Shinjuku Railway Underpass" (100827Fr-1304)

Walking through the tunnel-like underpass that goes under the tracks in Shinjuku - connecting the east side to the west side.

新宿駅近づくの線路下の通路  東京

"Nishi-Shinjuku - Noontime Omoide-Yokocho, Etc." (100827Fr-1305)

Walking around in Nishi-Shinjuku near (and through) the Omoide-Yokocho izakaya street.

西新宿のお昼散歩 - 思い出横丁など  東京

"Nishi-Shinjuku Station Area" (100827Fr-1307)

Walking towards the west entrance to Shinjuku Station, and then turning right and heading west - away from the station.

西新宿のお昼散歩 - 西へ向かう  東京

"NIshi-Shinjuku - Heading West (Passing Yodobashi Camera)" (100827Fr-1313)

Walking west in Nishi-Shinjuku, passing Yodobashi Camera.

西新宿のお昼散歩 - ヨドバシカメラを通って、西へ向かう  東京

"Nishi-Shinjuku Stroll" (100827Fr-1315)

Walking around in Nishi-Shinjuku - walking past a new Burger King and heading towards Yodobashi Camera.

西新宿のお昼散歩 - ヨドバシカメラへ向かう  東京

"Entering Shinjuku Station and Boarding Yamanote Line" (100827Fr-1400)

Entering Shinjuku Station via the South Entrance and boarding a Yamanote Line train where the six-door car used to be.  The train that came in had a four-door car there though - apparently they are dumping the six-door cars (which are very useful during peak rush times) in order to accommodate the platform wall doors that they've begun installing at Yamanote Line stations (starting with Ebisu Station).

新宿駅南口に入って、山手線を乗る(さよなら六ドア車)  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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