Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Koganecho Station, Walking Around in Yokohama, and Hinodecho Station"

This batch of videos is more focused than usual - it begins with a walk along a street next to Koganecho Station (on the Keikyu Line) and then shows several places I saw while walking around in Yokohama.  Finally, it wraps up while I'm waiting for an inbound Keikyu Line train at Hinodecho Station.

"Walking Along by Koganecho Station in Yokohama" (100730Fr-1407)

Just after getting off of the Keikyu Line at Koganecho Station (in Yokohama), walking along a road next to the station.

黄金町駅の隣にの散歩  横浜

"Walking Away from Koganecho Station in Yokohama" (100730Fr-1409)

Walking away from Koganecho Station in Yokohama.

黄金町駅から歩いて行く  横浜

"Crossing a Street in Yokohama" (100730Fr-1416)

Crossing a street in Yokohama.


"Shopping Arcade in Yokohama" (100730Fr-1425)

Walking through narrow streets near an old shopping arcade, and then walking through part of the shopping arcade itself.


"Exploring Narrow Passageways in Yokohama (A)" (100730Fr-1434)

Walking through some very narrow streets in Yokohama.  These areas have a lot of character, but can be a fire hazard since fire equipment cannot easily get in, so as these areas are cleared, larger buildings and wider streets replace them.


"Old Shopping Area in Yokohama" (100730Fr-1514)

Continuing to explore an old shopping area in Yokohama.


"Exploring Narrow Passageways in Yokohama (B)" (100730Fr-1533)

Exploring narrow passageways in Yokohama.


"September 2010 Art Exhibit Location" (100730Fr-1543)

Location of upcoming (from the standpoint of August 2010 that is) art exhibit in September 2010.

横浜 - 9月予定の展示会場所

"Waiting for Light to Change" (100730Fr-1550)

Waiting for a walk signal to change while in Yokohama.

横浜 - 横断歩道で待っている

"Lonely End of Shopping Street in Yokohama" (100730Fr-1556)

The mostly empty and slightly lonely-feeling end of a shotengai street in Yokohama.


"Wide Crosswalk in Yokohama" (100730Fr-1650)

Crossing a wide crosswalk near Hinodecho Station on the Keikyu Line.


"Waiting at Hinodecho Station (Keikyu Line)" (100730Fr-1654)

Looking around from the platform at Hinodecho Station while waiting for my train.

日ノ出町駅での見回り  横浜

"Hinodecho Station - Local Train Arriving and Departing" (100730Fr-1657)

Watching a local train come in on the opposite platform and then watching it depart after unloading/loading.

日ノ出町駅で - 各駅電車が到着と出発  横浜

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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