Thursday, August 26, 2010

"New World Service Restaurant - March 29th, 2007"

This restaurant, and the building it was in, the Sanshin Building, are both gone now.  I took this on what was (I think) the second to the last day the restaurant was open.  As it was the last tenant in the building, that was also the last day the pubic could get into the structure.  Then they rushed to tear it down so the land could sit - basically - empty for years, while they work to empty and rip down a neighboring building so they can put up an monster high-rise there.  It's a shame they tore it down, as the building - and this restaurant - had a lot of character.
New World Service Restaurant

I went back to the restaurant on the very last day, and arrived just in time to see the restaurant owner's son (and a friend) perform a farewell tune in the building's atrium (they had closed early that day):

Sanshin Building Final Concert - New World Service Restauran

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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