Monday, August 23, 2010

"San Francisco, California - 1984 - (A Sad Tale)"

Why a sad tale?  Have a look at this half-tone photo of San Francisco that I took in 1984.  Why half-tone and not a proper print?  Read the text below the photo to find out!
I poured all my spare time and spare money into photography when I lived in San Francisco, and had several photos printed as half-tones to sell as a pack of photos of San Francisco while I lived there.  In the middle of this project, I decided to move to Japan, and I entrusted my rented garage (where all of my negatives, photos, and half-tones were) to a guy I used to work with who I had thought was a friend, but he (curse him to the maximum extent possible) told me a year later, when I wanted to have my pictures sent to me in Tokyo, that he had trashed everything.

And so - all I have are a few sets of the half-tone printed pictures that I carried over with me in 1984.  So - if you've seen this picture before, please contact me - as it may be that the guy who told me he trashed everything, didn't trash it, but stole it.  It would be good to know the truth.  It would be fantastic if I could get my negatives and prints back from that time.  I spent two years walking around the streets of San Francisco taking those pictures....

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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jacqui said...

sad :'( i cannot even imagine what that must have been like :( what a terrible man. you should look to see if he is on facebook. it would be a long shot for him to scan/upload the photos to facebook this many years later, but maybe he is claiming them as his and he did! good luck in your search for them. i'm all the way in ohio, but if i somehow see this photo again i will definitely be coming to you!