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"Shinagawa, Keikyu Line, Shinbashi Back Streets, and Purple Night Yurakucho"

A large batch of clips this time - starting with the Keikyu Line in Shinagawa, then going outside Shinagawa Station and having a look at the taxi area in front of the station.  From there I go to Shinbashi where I exit the train system and walk around on the side streets where there are still some old izakaya (although they are rapidly disappearing).  Finally I go to Yurakucho and look around a bit there.

"Keikyu Trains Arriving at Shinagawa Station" (100730Fr-1737)

Watching Keikyu trains (one of them the single-headlamp type) simultaneously arriving at Shinagawa Station from opposite directions.

京急線の電車々が品川駅に到着  東京

"Listening to Musical Motors Train Departing Shinagawa" (100730Fr-1740)

Listening to (and watching) an outbound Keikyu Line train departing Shinagawa Station.

京急線の音楽らしいモーター電車が品川駅に出発する  東京

"Heading for JR Transfer Gates from Keikyu Line" (100730Fr-1741)

Walking from the inbound platform at Keikyu's Shinagawa Station over to the transfer gates that lead over to the JR lines.

京急鉄道から、 JR乗り換え口までの散歩  東京

"Keikyu Shinagawa Outbound Platform" (100730Fr-1751)

Watching an outbound train come in to the first stop on its run - Shinagawa.  In the case of Toei subway trains, they come in with a load of people from the Toei-Asakusa Line, but for the Keikyu Line trains, Shinagawa is the fist stop on the line.

京急品川の下りホームで都営浅草線の電車が遣って来る  東京

"Keikyu Train Begins U-Turn at Shinagawa" (100730Fr-1754)

A Keikyu Line train beginning a U-turn operation to get it off of the inbound tracks and onto the outbound tracks and back at the station to head back out.

京急品川の電車がU-ターン作業の始まり  東京

"Toei-Asakusa Train Arrives at Keikyu's Shinagawa Station" (100730Fr-1755)

Watching an already fairly full Toei-Asakusa subway line train arrive at Keikyu's Shinagawa Station.  This is very convenient for people working on the Asakusa Line who need to transfer to the Keikyu Line, as they can take one train to get home.  (The fare if the same either way, but this saves them the physical bother of getting off of one train and onto another.)

都営浅草(地下鉄)線の電車が京急品川駅に到着します  東京

"Keikyu-Shinagawa Station - Heading for the Exit" (100730Fr-1759)

Heading from the outbound platform of Keikyu Shinagawa Station - down the stairs - and towards the street-level ticket gate barrier.

京急品川駅の出口に向かう  東京

"Crowds in Front of Shinagawa Station" (100730Fr-1800)

Walking through/in the evening rush crowds of people in front of Shinagawa Station.

品川駅前のラッシュ時間人々  東京

"Area in Front of Shinagawa Station" (100730Fr-1801)

Looking around in front of Shinagawa Station - from the taxi stands to the escalator leading up into the station.

品川駅前のラッシュ時間  東京

"Shinbashi Station - Departing Yamanote Line Train" (100730Fr-1821)

Watching a Yamanote Line train departing from Shinbashi Station - and then walking down the platform as a Keihin-Tohoku Line train leaves in the same direction, and a Yamanote Line train comes in going the other way (on a neighboring platform).

山手線の電車が新橋駅から出発する  東京

"Shinbashi Station Yamanote/Keihin-Tohoku Line Platform Walk" (100730Fr-1823)

Walking down one of the Yamanote Line & Keihin Tohoku Line platforms at Shinbashi Station during the evening rush.

新橋駅の山手線や京浜東北線ホームの散歩  東京

"Shinbashi Station - Exiting Station During Rush Period" (100730Fr-1839)

Exiting Shinbashi Station during the rush period - heading over towards the SL-Plaza.

通勤ラッシュの時に新橋駅から出る  東京

"Shinbashi Street Scene - Walking Away from Shinbashi Station" (100730Fr-1841)

Looking around a little in Shinbashi, and then walking off down the street, heading away from Shinbashi Station.

新橋ストレートシーン、新橋駅から山手線内方向に歩き出す  東京

"Shinbashi Streets - Izakaya, Etc-A" (100730Fr-1844)

Walking around on some back streets in Shinbashi.  These streets used to be very thick with retro-izakaya shops, but their numbers decrease year by year as the city becomes ever more modern; which is part of what Tokyo is of course, but the loss of the old stuff makes things - in some senses - less interesting.

新橋夕方ストレートシーン、居酒屋など (A)  東京

"Shinbashi Streets - Izakaya, Etc-B" (100730Fr-1850)

Continuing to walk around on back streets in Shinbashi.  It's fun walking on paths were there are no cars or trucks, and the narrowness of the streets is more interesting than if the streets were wide.

新橋夕方ストレートシーン、居酒屋など (B)  東京

"Shinbashi Streets - Izakaya, Etc-C" (100730Fr-1852)

These streets are still kind of interesting, but they were much more interesting before most of the signs were blazing florescent lights and half the buildings were blank walls rising up like impenetrable fortresses....

新橋夕方ストレートシーン、居酒屋など (C)  東京

"Shinbashi Streets - Izakaya, Etc-D" (100730Fr-1856)

This is a very short clip, but this captures the 2010 atmosphere while walking around looking for a restaurant or izakaya to visit.

新橋夕方ストレートシーン、居酒屋など (D)  東京

"Shinbashi SL-Plaza - 7:00 p.m." (100730Fr-1904)

Looking around Shinbashi SL Plaza as a clock strikes seven and the last illumination of the sun lights up the western sky.

夕方の新橋SL広場: 19:00時  東京

"Near Imperial Palace Hotel" (100730Fr-1916)

Looking around in the twilight of July 30th, 2010 near the Imperial Hotel.

夕方で帝国ホテルの近くの見回り  東京

"Yurakucho Street Scene - by Overhead Railway" (100730Fr-1917)

Walking along a street in Yurakucho that runs in parallel with the elevated railways - listening to the sound of the trains and watching people look for restaurants, etc.

夕方の有楽町 - 居酒屋通りを歩きながら、電車の音を聞く  東京

"Yurakucho - Walking Around" (100730Fr-1920)

Walking around on a Friday night in Yurakucho - past izakayas, etc.

有楽町金曜日の夜散歩、居酒屋赤提灯など  東京

"Yurakucho - Under Tracks Izakaya" (100730Fr-1921)

Walking by some izakaya under the elevated tracks in Yurakucho.

有楽町ガード下の居酒屋  東京

"Yurakucho - Contemplating the Evening" (100730Fr-2012)

Looking out into the purple Yurakucho night and reading/feeling the night winds....

夜の有楽町 - 夜の意味を読み取ろうと...  東京

"Evening Yurakucho-SB" (100730Fr-2015)

Looking around from street level seating at the Yurakucho SB.

夜の有楽町-SB  東京

"Yurakucho Steel Bridge Izakaya" (100730Fr-2250)

Walking by tables and chairs set up under a steel bridge in Yurakucho.  (I don't think they do this at this location when the weather is cold...)

有楽町の鉄橋下の居酒屋  東京

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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