Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Video Clips of HUST Exhibition in Yokohama (2010/3/18-22)"

I went to the HUST (Hideyuki Usuki & Shingo Toyama / 臼木英之 & 遠山伸吾) exhibition in Yokohama not knowing what to expect, so when I walked into the high-ceilinged space and saw all the objects floating around - it was... I think "fun" is the best descriptive term I can come up with - visually fun.  Taking a seat in one of the strategically placed chairs, it was fun to look up and watch the objects drifting about.  And then walking around among the objects in the space was also fun.  The ambient music was also fitting for the experience.  Photos and video clips don't do it justice - this is definitely an exhibit you need to experience to fully appreciate!

Following are links to five video clips I took while there:

"HUST Yokohama Exhibition: 'In Vitro' - Walking Around (1/5)" (100319-1635)

HUST(臼木英之 & 遠山伸吾)の横浜展示会 - ヨコハマ・クリエイティブシティ・センターで、2010年3月18-22日 (1/5)

"HUST Yokohama Exhibition: 'In Vitro' - View from Far Side (2/5)" (100319-1640)

"HUST Yokohama Exhibition: 'In Vitro' - View from Entrance Side (3/5)" (100319-1646)

"HUST Yokohama Exhibition: 'In Vitro' - Vertical Pan (4/5)" (100319-1659)

"HUST Yokohama Exhibition: 'In Vitro' - View from Stairwell (5/5)" (100319-1708)

This post from "Tokyo Art & Music" has the promotional postcard with the location information:
"Usuki Hideyuki & Toyama Shingo - HUST - in Yokohama"

Lyle (Hiroshi) Saxon

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